Thursday, March 24, 2016

Xotox - Eisenkiller [Pro Noize]

We're going back in time with a review of Xotox' 2012-released single "Eisenkiller" today, which was put on the circuit via Pro Noize on the occasion of the tunes ten years anniversary and sent to us recently alongside some other stuff to be reviewed on these pages in the future. If you're curious about what's to come, feel free to check the unboxing video included here.

Opening with a 2k12 update of the projects most recognized and famous track Xotox serves an uncompromising, nerve wrecking and tool'ish version appealing both to lovers of HardTechno and Industrial alike whilst bringing in some thrilling sci-fi synth bass parts before the classic, original version produced in 2002 fuses hard-banging, brutalist EBM, psychotic, off-kilter athmospheres and terrifying vocal bits alongside grinding noise attacks for lightless underground bunker workouts. Going into a bunch of remixes we see Bahntier exploring jumpy, more positive musical territories through adding electroid, sawtooth basslines and broken beats to the trademark signals, creating a version likely to appeal to followers of Industrial as well as ElectroClash and muscular EBM / Techno-crossovers created by the likes of Terrence Fixmer etc. whilst the 'Eisen Rostet-Mix' by Autoclav1.1 caters a string-loaden variation of instrumentalist FuturePop vs. NuBeat sporting melodic pianos for glitzy, romantic moments on a dark dancefloor. Furthermore After White Smoke is responsible for the so-called 'Krankermix' which pleases the NeuroFunk / Techno D'n'B posse with its 176+bpm, full-throttle approach before Jean Bach's 'Sonne Ins Glück-Mix' focuses on the tracks characteristic athmospheres and fuses them with fast-paced Industrial Techno as well as a short, playful, ever repeating melody sequence leading into a stuttering, fractured breakdown for all sick-minded French Tek headz out there. As additional bonus we discover a formerly unreleased version of "Digitale Demenz", another violent, heavily compressed Rhythm Industrial outing by Xotox, and two rough demo takes of "Schwanengesang" and "Notwehr" - the first mentioned quite a humor'esque take that somehow evokes fond memories of Oliver Chesler's The Horrorist-moniker whilst the latter is defo the noisiest, most aggressive cut on this remix album introducing the meaning of ultraviolence to ectstatic and stomping crowds in black. Good stuff!


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