Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Beacon Sound Choir - Sunday Morning Drones [Infinite Greyscale 009]

All fans of the Berlin-based imprint Infinite Greyscale will be pleased to realize that the labels newest output is scheduled for March 18th, 2k16 - a two track 10" instigated by Peter Broderick based on vocal practices by The Beacon Sound Choir of Portland, Oregon. Comprised of the droning voices of more than 30 members of the choir starting off on a specific note before roaming into several directions of the tonal spectrum, creating a wideranged, beautiful and vastly impressive sonic event not only for those who've been referring to Drone music as a sub-branch of experimental electronic or electro-acoustic music up to this date. Those will surely be proven wrong by these two powerful and touching creations based exclusively on the human voice, once again pressed as one-sided and limited to 300 hand-numbered copies 10" release on gold vinyl, featuring a silk-screen artprint on the flipside which will be loved by art headz and fans of rare or leftfield musical goods alike and validates Infinite Greyscale position amongst some of the most exciting and collectible contemporary vinyl imprints for a reason.


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