Friday, March 25, 2016

Ytamo - Mi Wo [Someone Good Promo]

Put on the circuit on March 18th, 2k16 via the Someone Good imprint is "Mi Wo", the latest outing by the female Japanese artist Ytamo. In this album which was originally created to accompany an exhibition held by Natali Katz we see Ytamo focusing on the magic of repetetive, multi-layered and reprocessed piano figures leading into friendly, organic sonic miniatures that can be filed under the flag of Electronica, but also are influenced by Jazz and tripping Psychedelia ("Autopoiesis"), touching borders of Easy Listening ("Colourful Waves") or even resemble the blurred, outerworldy Pop approach of greats like the Pizzicato Five in songs like "Human Ocean". If this wasn't enough to make this album a pretty darn sweet one we'll even find excursions into Ambient Space Electro garnished with jazzy layers ("Hen"), Japanese Bedroom Pop romanticisms built on a foundation of playful, slightly quirky Electronica ("You Me") and more goodness that will surely appeal to fans and followers of unique artistic visions, those appreciating the Braindance approach of certain Rephlex-releases and holding fond memories of the former Berlin-based Digital Kranky imprint. Recommended for a reason.


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