Sunday, April 24, 2016

EA80 - Licht [Major Label 094 Promo]

Forthcoming in May 2k16 via Major Label is the official re-issue of "Licht", the originally 1989 self-released album of the Mönchengladbach / Germany-based PunkRock outfit EA80 which took the scene by storm after the band was formed in 1979. Still active today after nearly four decades in the biz, this historic document of the bands early years will not only please their younger following but also revives memories of those who've been with EA80 since day dot as the album does not only come with original artwork and full lyric sheet but also provides original, aggressive Punk on full throttle as this album might be the referred to as the bands fastest and most rapid ever, focussing on raw anger and musical havoc which perfectly goes along the unique, low-tuned vocals provided by lead singer Junge - an outstanding vocal approach more reminding of Goth singing and not seen in Punk very often which sets the band apart from many others, alongside their ongoing and imperturbal refusal to work along the mechanisms of marketing and promotion throughout their career but sticking to a strict DIY-policy in terms of releases and preferring to not talk to the media at all when it comes to interviews and such. You call that attitude? We call it PunkRock at its best.


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