Monday, April 18, 2016

Slow Steve - Adventures [Morr Music 146 Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 6th, 2k16 is "Adventures", the new musical outing of Slow Steve - a project headed by frenchman Remi Latournelle which unleashes its first real album with this eleven song adventure that takes us to the blurry, yet colourful borderlands of Pop Psychedelia and Leftfield Indie, presenting bluesy influences like in "Veteran", nothing but dreamy beauty in the highly chromatic "Sloth" or sweet, vernal dancefloor fillers like "Bali" which well reflects the detailed, colourful album artwork. After going into more inward-looking, intimate regions with the slightly krauty, 70s-infused instrumental cut "Josephine I" and its vintage synth modulation ending that makes a sweet transition into the following French Melancholia Pop of "Josephine II (Riviere)" we see "The Giant Spider Crab From Japan" introduce more electronic-focused tension on the edge of Goth-friendly instrumental Indietronics with a subaquatic twist and "Josephine III (Tschüss Oskar)" gravitates toward KrautRock / (Neo)Cosmic whilst off-note strings are scintillating through a colourful universe, accompanied by guitar proto-balearisms. With "Oscillation" influences of SpaceJazz come into play on a certain level whilst our heads can't stop nodding to a seductive beat, "Red Wool" comes across on a more ruminative level and the final "Foam Shapes" featuring Helen Fry on vocal duties is another great example of how masterly crafted leftfield Pop should sound like in 2k16. A sweet journey, much.


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