Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vivien Goldman - Resolutionary (Songs 1979 - 1982) [Staubgold 141 Promo]

After we've already featured Vivien Goldman's song "Launderette" on these pages in mid-March 2k16 it's now about time to take a closer look on her forthcoming album "Resolutionary (Songs 1979 - 1982)" which is scheduled for release on May 20th, 2k16 via the great Staubgold-imprint. Focusing on the mentioned period of time the album includes three of Vivien Goldman's solo recordings of that time ("Launderette" / "Private Armies" / "P.A. Dub"), two contributions to the catalogue of the loose-bonded artistic collective known under the name of The Flying Lizards as well as three recordings alongside fellow female musician Eve Blouin under their conjunctional name Chantage ("Same Thing Twice" / "It's Only Money" / "Tu M'Fais Rire") and an additional interview piece to round things off nicely. These songs, which pretty much sum up a good bunch of the singers' official catalogue, provide a perfect showcase example of the open-mindedness to be found in the PostPunk-scene of these days which was more than often willing to incorporate Dub- and Dub-referencing techniques into their musical arrangements but also are a private love letter to the Dub-genre itself, not only because of Adrian Sherwood's "P.A. Dub" - a militant Dub-out in its very own right - but also due to the fact that these influences are more present in Vivien Goldman's solo music than in most of the PostPunk-outfits of the time, even taking Ari-Up and her legendary band The Slits into consideration here. Whilst her work with The Flying Lizards includes a more uptempo and undeniably funky vibe in "Her Story" we see "The Window" digging deeply into dubbed-out territories as well before the three songs taken off the only ever single released by Chantage are clearly influenced by the musical outings of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora Vivien Goldman was exposed to throughout her years spent in Paris. Defo a highly recommended retrospective album through which some long lost or at least highly collectible tunes are finally available to a broader public. Get this. 


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