Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Black Sun Productions - Toilet Chant [Hallow Ground Promo]

Originally released in CD format via Anarcocks in 2004 and now reissued on vinyl for the first time ever via Hallow Ground on May 2nd, 2k16 is "Toilet Chant", one of the earliest works put on the circuit by the duo commonly known as Black Sun Productions. Opening their album with its title track we're getting a first impression where they're going with this six track longplay piece as we're confronted with icy, permeating strings from another world accompanied by echoes of heavy gear being shifted from one place to another in a far distance, "Anarcocks Rising" - a title paying homage to the Anarcocks label which originally released "Toilet Chant" back in the day - brings in fragile rhythmic elements and a very abstract, yet fascinating sense of melodious structures with a sterile, scientific twist and "E2 = Tree 3" which features the extremely reprocessed vocals of Jhonny Balance as an additional sound source even incorporates some elements of Phonk in its captivating and advanced dancefloor fueling crossover between ritualistic Electronica and Rhythm Industrial. Next up is "Yesterdays Dream", which once again brings us into the center of late night Ambient dancefloors, vibing off to decent 4/4's and ruminant guitar resemblances before "Glüewürmlitanz" fuses a sterile, scientific pulse with spiralling, folk'ish patterns to a slightly medieval effect to which subaquatic bleeps add a new level of mystery. Finally the "Spermiatic Cord" evokes a feeling of standing in the middle of a frosty alien swamp, surrounded by a bunch of reptilian creatures and other strange critters lusting for warm blood and the echoes of a dying soul. Surely an intense one that's a perfect conclusion for an album well worthwile to be reissued for a reason.


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