Monday, July 25, 2016

Dr. NoiseM / Theo Nugraha [Tandem Tapes 004]

Released in June on the Indonesian (!!!) tape label Tandem Tapes is this split release featuring the ever busy German producer Dr. NoiseM and the Borneo-based artist Theo Nugraha. Whilst Dr. NoiseM covers the thin, pulsating line between Noize and Dark Ambient / Cold Ambient with his icy piece "Outer Limits" which spans over the entire A-side of the tape we see Theo Nugraha open his side with "Nyem-Nyem", a more lively piece seemingly featuring eruptions of clanging glass or scattering metal, filtered and sent through several well-trippy echo effects creating a hypnotic take on dubbed out experimental music before the second tune named "Tabrakan Mata" explores more brutal Noize territories through providing a continuous stream of electrical hum and storming motor buzz that's about to drive your neighbours insane when listened to on a certain volume. This is what we like for sure. 


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