Friday, July 15, 2016

Kutiman - 6AM [Siyal Music Promo]

Out on the circuit and released via Siyal Music since June 17th, 2k16 is "6AM", the sophomore album joint served by Tel Aviv-based producer Ophir Kutiel, better known to many as artistic and musical multi-activist Kutiman. Known and appreciated for his broad approach towards production and sound incorporating elements of Dope Beats, Funk and a lot of influences drawn from 70s Psychedelic Rock the eight tracks on this album are all about the groove, starting from the heavy instrumental cut "Jaffa Beach" as opening tune via the haunted uptempo banger "She's A Revolution" and the following anthemic Psychedelia jam named "Shine Again". With "Zeelim" we're entering more summery, laid-back territories with a slightly oriental touch, "Stranger On The Follow" might be identified as the most radio-friendly and Pop-oriented song on here without giving in to any mainstream lures but serving a fascinating guitar jam throughout its second half instead before "Dangerous" introduces the more lugubrious side of Kutiman's work in form of a melancholia-infused ballad that makes us call for a glass of proper bourbon immediately. "I Think I Am" brings us a well-smoky, raw Soul vibe featuring the stunning vocal talent of Karolina on microphone duties before the title track waves goodbye with a good portion of Jazz Noir / Future Jazz after too short of a runtime of 34 minutes only. We're hitting repeat immediately - and so should you.

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