Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Wwwings - Phoenixxx [Planet µ 383 Promo]

Released on August 19th, 2k16 via Planet µ is "Phoenixxx", the debut album of the outfit known under the name of Wwwings - a three headed pack of producers hailing from the Kamchatka Peninsula located somewhere in the far east of Russia. And listening to the music created by the three core members Lit Internet, Lit Eyne and Lit Daw and their collaborators like DJ Heroin, Endgame, Born In Flamez, Kastle and many others the story about how the group came to be via the Russian social network VK and how their collaborational efforts were performed via the instant messenger service Telegram totally make sense. Listening to their wild, oftentimes pretty much un- or hardly structured, ear-piercing, midrange-focused sound incorporating elements of heavily distorted bass music, Rhythm Industrial, Noize, WitchHouse and even evident, although heavily mutated  influences of Metal as found in "Pyro" immediately brings one, very specific and yet uncoined genre to mind - this is Tumblr Music! Catering the short attention span of the youth with average track lengths of less than four minutes, often rapid - and random - changes of aesthetics within a tune, bleepy, artificial melodies seemingly influenced by horror scores and fueled by the most brutal, irritating irrationality of teenage angst and self-destruction we totally see how this one album perfectly reflects the dark side of the platform named, which once was described as the home of the wasted, anxious youth. Brutal stuff!  


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