Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Wrangler - White Glue [MemeTune Recordings Promo]

Approximately two years after their amazing debut "LA Spark" we see Wrangler return with their sophomore album "White Glue" which is about to be released via MemeTune Recordings on September 23rd, 2k16. And once again the magick triumvirate of Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter and Benge is setting out for things big with the nine tracks featured on this longplay piece, introduced by the opener "Alpha Omega" which paves the way for tunes to come whilst mixing up cold, sterile Post-EBM / Industrial with seductive vocoder abuse and a sweet, yet simple synth melody drawing everyone towards the center of concrete, dark grey dancefloors - very 80s, yet very retrofuturist and appealing to those loving late 90s Gigolo Records and / or ElectroClash from the heart. Through the minimalist, funky shades of "Stupid" one can make out a direct connection to Stephen Mallinder's history in Cabaret Voltaire, the vintage melodies and floating strings of "Clockwork" kinda revive the imaginative soundscapes of 1983's Cybotron, "Dirty" brings on a killer take on Robotic Funk with a little PostPunk-y twist in terms of short, distorted guitar bursts and "Stop" amalgamates deepest Proto Detroit vibes with an intense, inherent criticism of today's consumer society - a fusion that results in a decent dancefloor classic to be. Wrangler's "Real Life" is more of a lively, buzzing uptempo affair garnished with expertly crafted vintage synths and well-trippy vocal bits, "Days" comes across in a more clean, scientific, yet intense and threatening manner that find its logical sequel in the dancey, driftig and slightly Acid-induced Proto IDM of "Superset" whilst the final tune "Colliding" explores sonic realms surely influenced by Cosmic and the vast melodic richness of German electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk ca. 1978. Defo a well recommended album that both ties in perfectly with its predecessor but also bears witness of how Wrangler's musical universe has evolved throughout the past two years. Check!


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