Thursday, October 27, 2016

A. K. Klosowski - ...Plays The Kassetteninstrument [Gagarin Records Promo]

Coming up via Gagarin Records on November 1st is "...Plays The Kassetteninstrument" by A. K. Klosowski, who - back in the early, experimental 80s - actually invented this unique, DIY-sampling device which was comprised of eight Sony Walkmen one could mute, and demute, directly as well as comitting other wizzardry with. And from this time period, namely 1982 to 1984, we see thirteen previously unreleased takes being unearthed that unveil the plunderphonious powers of this self-built instrument when combined with flanger, tape echo and a drum basic drum machine. With loops and cuts taken from actual running tapes the start-stop techniques of the Kassetteninstrument provide rhythmic structures predating the sounds and FX created by turntablists through flare scratching on top of artificial Ingenious Dilettantes-reminiscing drum patterns or provide psychedelic, tripped out layer arrangements like the ones to be found in tunes like "Loop #1" or "Deutscher Zoo" whereas "Rot Glocken" seems to manipulate German Schlager in a more humpa'esque, Polka-resembling way - kind of. And although the origin of source material remains unclear in many cases, also due to alteration of speed or being looped in an alienating way, the outcome and use of this well clunky method of sound manipulation is quite fascinating as songs like "Wake Up, Wake Up" might have a massive dancefloor impact on dedicated Industrial / Rhythm Industrial dancefloors or in highly advanced Electronica venues even today, especially with the african influences evident in the track mentioned whilst "Long Toe" seems to come from a kind of Punk background and might cause mayhem on Minimal Wave floors as well. So if you're deeply into the process of sound design and looking for an album providing techniques you might not have heard of before this one is defo catering to your needs - not only as an historic document.


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