Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Isan - Glass Bird Movement [Morr Music 148 Promo]

Scheduled for  October 14th, 2k16 is "Glass Bird Movement", the first album released by Antony Ryans and Robin Savilles a.k.a. ISAN after a six years period of silence -  and their eighth overall longplay effort in the projects two decade spanning history. Together, the pair of producers is exploring a set of eleven tracks which are floating somewhat in between warm, friendly and superorganic Ambient and highly advanced, comforting dancefloors with tunes like "Leonardo's Formula" bringing in elements of dubbed out Electronica whilst "Every Since And Then" crosses over towards deep, string-loaden Intelligent Techno beauty in slow motion.  In "Napier Deltic" we'll even find some references to the uplifting side of IDM and the early works of one of its unquestioned masters, especially when it comes to the masterly crafted stab motif to be found in this tune, "Rattling Downhill" serves a little krautsier overall feel and the concluding "Linnæus"takes us into ethereal Ambient realms before shaking things up slowly due to the use of some precise, highly compressed beats after a nearly two minutes intro sequence. This is good stuff, for sure.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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