Monday, October 10, 2016

Resina - Resina [130701 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Fat Cat Records sister label 130701 is the solo debut album of Warsaw-based Karolina Rec a.k.a Resina who is serving a thought out and well-accomplished take on organicly - meaning: through the use of real, although partly reprocessed instruments - created Ambient bordering both the genres of Indietronics as well as (Neo)Classical music to some extent and even heads into full-on experimentalisms with tunes like "Flock" which opens on a quite detuned level before falling into place providing layers and layers of loops, creating an ever climaxing musical structure that abruptly comes to a halt without further warnings. In "Tatry II" we see the artist defining fragility in terms of romantic, string-based ambience and atmospheres whilst "Nightjar" provides some tense and intense drama, telling tales of dark, ancient secrets noone's ever been allowed to mention at any point in time. Lovers of more eerie and haunted vibes will fall for "Dark Sky White Water" due to the tunes outerworldy overall feel turning into a brute classical force and those longing for more calm and comforting sounds will find theirselves gladly immersed in the crystalline beauty of the "Afterimage" which also functions as a perfect example of how elegantly real instruments and decent electronic can be amalgamated in one composition. So if this approach appeals to you, this might be an album to check out for sure.


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