Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hans P. Kjorstad og Rasmus Kjorstad - Pusinshi Ulla [Ta:Lik 148 Promo]

Incoming from the Norwegian label Ta:Lik a few weeks ago was "Pusinshi Ulla", the latest album effort created by the pair of brothers that is Hans P. Kjorstad and Rasmus Kjorstad, both studying at The Norwegian State Academy Of Music. Hailing from the village of Fron and equipped with a big love for the raw aspects of the countries original Folk music the pair is not only known for their excellent fiddle skills but have done a great deal of research about the Folk tradition of their hometown and the Gudbrandsdalen area in general, tracking down names and lines along which songs have been passed down from ancient days to now. With the eleven songs to be found on this album they're presenting what they've taken and inhaled from their research on and work with traditional Norwegian Folk whilst stripping away the often times romantic layers attached to the genre and present their raw and unpretentious vision and approach to the theme, both in quite eclectic sounding instrumentals like "Guri" or the more uplifting, rural and dancey "Springleik Etter Iver Storodden / Svasshøle II" as well as touching, emotional vocal tunes like "Filefjelleiken" which are fueled with ancient energy and immenseness that they provide a certain fascination even for those not familiar with any kind of Folk music at all, so this  album might be a good starting point for a longer exploration into what surely is a sonic terra incognita for many of y'all folks out there. And what's for sure is that Norway has some quite interesting stuff to offer in this field,  "Pusinshi Ulla" included.

Album artwork on Instagram! 


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