Friday, January 27, 2017

Bvdub - Yours Are Stories Of Sadness [Sound In Silence 034]

Put on the circuit via the Greek imprint Sound In Silence only recently is "Yours Are Stories Of Sadness" by Bvdub, a well familiar artist for all fans of both Ambient and Techno which has been making waves for more than a decade now and has put out numerous releases on respected labels like Styrax, Southern Outpost, Millions Of Moments and many others ever since. On this album which is released as a limited, hand-numbered print run of 300 copies worldwide we see Bvdub catering a menu of nineteen untitled but consecutively numbered tracks which are, according to the accompanying press sheet, closely related and linked to a true story that happened back in 2012. With each tune the artist provides a new, harmonic take on Ambient music, based on soft, ethereal pads and partly infused by echoes of DubTechno like the opener "01" whilst other bits provide slightly moving synthesizers or beautiful, slow moving string and chord harmonies like those to be found in "03" which will be recognized as a blueprint of classical Ambient structures by every electronic music connaisseur for a reason. With "04" we come across some iridescent, yet slightly over the top synth fountains, "05" brings us a little bit of a buzz in terms of melodic movements whilst "06" introduces some sort of a solemn, inward looking attitude with a resemblance of multi-layered, reprocessed xylophone motifs. Furthermore "07" takes us back to the first half of the 90s in terms of the era's Ambient / ChillOut / Intelligent (beatless) Techno music, "10" weighs in a good amount of electronic melancholia and "11" provides more of pure Ambient beauty whilst amalgamating reverberating stabs with blurred background strings before "12" comes up with most calming, yet scenic chord repetitions and "15" provides a steady stream of sound accompanied by a slightly 80s resembling melody progression for all those in need of some ultra-relaxation which comes down to all of us really. And therefore everyone should own this album for a reason. There's no exceptions.

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