Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tumido - Xaxim [Interstellar Records 040 Promo]

It's been more than two years since the Austrian trio Tumido released their album "Nomads" via Interstellar Records and now they've made a return in early November 2k16 with a sequel, taking one track - "Xaxim" - from the aforementioned album and coming up with a bunch of four remixes which are taking the original piece into new directions. Things start with a rework crafted by Nik Hummer who creates a long and buzzing, electric drone-resembling intro before introducing a looped and distorted electric guitar and deep, technoid 4/4s for a darker twist on the dancefloor whereas Stefan Nemeth focuses on a pitch black, repetetive, yet ever climaxing Electronica vs. grinding and desparate Industrial interpretation of "Xaxim" that may well compete with the most sluggish tunes ever produced by the likes of Pan Sonic or Ø.  Furthermore Buenoventura of Elektro Guzzi-fame weighs in a proper, well functional Techno interpretation with a slightly tribal'esque twist alongside beautiful Detroit-influenced string constructions and the final retake provided by Tumido themselves weighs in more of a crackly, organic Ambient vibe accompanied by deep bass pulses and widescreen panorama backings based on vintage synths and what seem to manipulated, subfrequent guitar drones. Good stuff, this!


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