Monday, January 30, 2017

Olivia Louvel - Data Regina [Cat Werk Imprint 011]

To be put on the circuit via her very own Cat Werk Imprint on February 8th, 2k17 is "Data Regina", the latest conceptual album effort by French-born and now UK-based artist and composer Olivia Louvel who is dealing with the historical fact that two queens, Mary Queen Of Scots and Elizabeth I, were reigning over England at the same time throughout the 16th century on this longplay piece. Based on this occurence and generally drawn to the life and poetic works of Mary Queen Of Scots Olivial Louvel creates a sonic story of seventeen chapters that can be described as a well-fascinating amalgamation of dramatic Electronica / Indietronica compositions, accompanied by tension-rising violins, tender piano bits and Olivia Louvels extraordinary vocal approach which fall together in a dreamy and magical way that can be best described as non-visual, audio based theatre, immediately conveying the listener to the far away past, reliving the time period in question through a modern electronic approach that is highly recommended to all Leftfield Pop connaisseurs for a reason. What a journey this is!

CD artwork on Instagram!


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