Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Sascha Müller - Acid Rampage 606303303 [Psychocandies 047]

Put on the circuit not too long ago via the ever active Acid-focused imprint Psychocandies is Sascha Müller's newest album named "Acid Rampage 606303303", catering a menu of 12 untitled tracks all seemingly, and entirely created by this magical set-up of three Roland machines.  And, as one possibly might expect, the outcome of this conceptional production approach is pure madness: screaming Acid lines, minimalistic percussions and a braincell wrecking intensity spread out over a full playtime of 51 minutes are perfect fodder for all followers of psyched out underground Acid and regulars at strobe-lit, fogmachine-fueled bunker raves. If you're one of these creatures - check this out!


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