Monday, December 26, 2016

Antoine Chessex, Apartment House & Jerome Noetinger - Plastic Concrete / Accumulation [Bocian Records]

Released via the Bocian Records imprint in November 2k16 is this 58 minute-spanning two track album as a result of the collaborational efforts of the two contemporary electronic music composers Antoine Chessex and Jerome Noetinger teaming up with the longtime running avantgarde project Apartment House. Diving into the realm opened by "Plastic Concrete", a tune written and recorded in 2014, we're exploring dense, slowly shifting electronic structures of a more dark'ish feel, evolving from dronish parts into more Noize related sequences, digital synthesis and clanging non-percussions whilst the musicians of Apartment House add score'esque textures which would've been well fitting for a tense sci-fi or body horror flic of the "Dark Star" era due to their slightly tripping, spaced out nature. With "Accumulation", a 2015 composition, we meet an array of string instruments like violin, viola and cello which are providing both screaming crescendoes and humongous klaxon-resembling tones, partly accompanied by Jerome Noetingers reel to reel tape manipulations and further twisted, slightly off track, fluttering electronics and echoeing string plucking which adds a strange, outlandish and exoplanetary feel to this 33 minutes long composition that's truly a deep listening fest for all experimental music connaisseurs.

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