Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Various Artists - Let's Go 50th [Psychocandies 050]

Yes, it happened. The ever active and mostly Acid-focused Psychocandies imprint has put out its 50th release these days and celebrates this fact with a sweet litte compilation including contributions from all the labels core artists. Opening is Sascha Müller with "Dolmetscher", a grinding Techno affair slightly informed by the original Detroit vision of MinimalTechno accompanied by a wild and jacking 303 line from the deepest underground vaults. Following up is "Intervall" by 3cloneB, a deep and floating exploration of spiralling AcidTrance in 2k17 incorporating some krautsy, Kraftwerk'esque chords and scattered, off-beat percussion bits for an extra thrill , 4ZZZ1's "Mr. Davis" pays homage to the MinimalFunk genre once invented by Steve Bug and his former Raw Elements label whilst providing a techier twist as well as warm fascinating pads being introduced mid-track and RU DEAD 42's "Co-Worker" comes across as a psyched-out MonoAcid tune piercing everyone's eardrums with hard-hitting layers of razor-sharp hi-hats and rides. Furthermore The 808 Hillbillys bring us "Endos", a complex and multilayered approach to tripping, both Detroit and IDM influenced Intelligent Techno going down the fast lane on a climaxing Acid trip whilst the concluding "La Magre" by Hexagon Industries is a heavy, highly compressed primetime banger for the most ecstatic of underground Acid raves ever and well recommended for all those holding long gone yet legendary labels like Labworks Germany in high regards still. Good stuff.


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