Friday, March 17, 2017

Yvan Etienne - Feu [Aposiopese 010]

The second release coming in from the Aposiopese-label only recently is Yvan Etienne's 2014-released three track album entitled "Feu" which clearly seems to gravitate towards the imprint's noisier, more grinding side as one might easily get from the opener "Une Nuit", a track greeting the listener with a climaxing maelstrom of raw Noize developing into a more rhythmically filtered structure towards the tunes end. With "Delacharge", a 21 minutes spanning affair, Mr. Etienne explores a sonic world of harsh crackles and high frequency bleeps of modular nature - given that a Serge Modular, alongside Field Recordings and a (sic!) hurdy-gurdy is listed as one three possible sound sources. These crackles soon evolve into a sonic storm not unlike the sounds we came across on Restgeräusch's legendary Mille Plateaux-released album "Volume II - 2x 30min 30sec" back in 1997 before making way for a quivering high frequency sequence finally evolving into calmer, still roaring but yet postapocalyptic ambience which one might find himself exposed to after a heavy thunderstorm or - in this case - maybe even a nuclear attack given that the air still seems to be filled with irrational static signals echoing from a massive EMP shockwave. Finally "La Lueur" focuses on a buzzing, hecticly moving yet constant variation of Digital Noize suddenly breaking down into an array of what seem to be multiple altered and layered Field Recordings of vacuum cleaners, an orchestrated attack of metallic insects from outer space and finally a more ritualistic, electric Drone resembling an off-kilter amalgamation of tones generated by bagpipes and digeridoos well able to put the listener into a state of ecstatic, ritualistic trance after only a few minutes of droning along. And we're totally in for this!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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