Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Herve Moire - Mirage De Loire [Aposiopese 008]

Incoming only recently from the France- / Belgium-based label Aposiopese was Herve Moire's 2012-released album "Mirage De Loire", a limited to 120 copies one track affair of 23 minutes total playtime. Based on a foundation of Field Recordings the artist made near the French river La Loire which are present throughout the first minutes of the album we see the one piece transform, evolve and mutate continually, starting out as a warm, embracing, yet well minimalistic Ambient tune with layers of organic sounds like flowing water and birds in the very background whilst elements of Clicks'n'Cuts and a more digital nature become more evident in a short droning sequence in which layered bells (or bell resembling sounds) and an ebb and flow of surface noises play a certain role. These bells vanish soon, only to give way to looped, repetetive bits of the original Field Recording again which are layered and layered, providing more of a white noise-y feel, are coming to an abrupt halt when a digital campfire is lit and are finally leading into mutations of digital Noize and Cold Ambient as well as more melodic, dreamlike Ambient sound sheets and  throughout the second part of the album. Thrilling and well-varied, this is.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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