Sunday, April 16, 2017

Schlachthofbronx - Haul & Pull Up [Rave And Romance 001]

Coming from the brand new Munich-based Rave And Romance label and heavily supported by the Bavarian capital's staples Disko B and Jahmoni Music is "Haul & Pull Up", the newest four track EP effort by the group known as Schlachthofbronx. Taking on Bass Music on different levels with this one the opener "Copper And Lead" featuring Riko Dan on vocals fuses elements of Grime, vantablack darkness and sub-led ultraviolence in a brutal style kinda reminiscent of Kevin Martin's musical work as The Bug whilst "Blurred Vision" focuses on straight up, 4/4-based Dub meditation for real bass headz. Going into the B-side we see the legendary Warrior Queen providing vocals for "Killer", a quite suprising amalgamation of Electro- / Breakdance- / B-boy-informed beats and a relatively laid back vocal delivery by the queen herself before the "Siren Riddim" causes havoc on Grime and Bashment floors with a sharp, electroid and highly compressed approach, an alarming synth tone sequence as well as a temporary turn towards a straight four-to-the-floor bassdrum foundation throughout the tunes' middle part. Surely a riddim that'll make a selecta "Haul & Pull Up" for a reason.


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