Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Selffish - He She Them Us [Serein 011 Promo]

To be released via the Welsh Serein-imprint as their cat.no. 011 is an album named "He She Them Us" crafted by the Riga-based artist Andrejs Eigus under his well puzzling moniker Selffish. Within eight tracks we see the producer, who already released two albums as Selffish on the now defunct netlabel Thinner in the second half of the noughties, re-enter the world of music production riding the soft, organic Ambient pads of the opener "Prologue" whilst the "Willing Suspension Of Disbelief" fuses clicking, ultraminimalist, yet floor friendly Electronica with sparse piano tones and a certain presence of Jazz-infused Phonk which is one of the highlights of this longplay piece for sure. The "Restless Dog" caters more warm Electronica sounds garnished by organic bass and a dreamy, ever repeating main motif evoking memories of early 2000s Indietronics, "As The Leaves Fall" brings in a sweet sense of melancholia, "Treijas" fuses clanging metallic pulse repetitions and carefully layered string constructs to a super calming effect and a "Biting Grief" is defined by a background of what seems to be softly pouring rain and an ebb and flow of soft, solemn sonic waves providing a scenic feel of beauty. Furthermore "I Came To Leave" weighs in a little bit of a lighter FutureJazz vibe before the final cut "Epilogue" provides more of a beauteous, slightly balearic Ambient feel for fans of Deep Listening Music and therefore rounds off the longplay piece nicely. Defo one to check out for a reason.        

Album artwork on Instagram!


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