Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Duality Micro & Peter Hedderley - 8bit Meets Classic []

And another one from the deepest floppy disk underground has been coming in recently, this time courtesy of the man known as Manfred Reckers to his friends and parents whilst those deep into electronic music - and readers of these pages - will be well familiar with his musical moniker Duality Micro. Teaming up with Peter Hedderley for this collaborational release we see Duality Micro provide a short, experimental static Noize cut named "Working Floppy" which will be well appealing to all those listening to what comes to live at the very end of the FM dial whilst the artists conjunctional effort "8bit Meets Classic" fuses a masterly crafted dreamy piano line with bits and pieces of classic Electronica structures to a soothing, yet fascinating effect that is highly recommended to all floppy headz that have been following IDM / Electronica from day dot. Check!


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