Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Norman Westberg - Jasper Sits Out [Room 40 Promo]

Released in early March via the Australian Room 40-imprint is Norman Westberg's album "Jasper Sits Out" which has quite a bit of a twisted history behind it. Originally self-released by the Swans guitar player as a two track CDr in 2014, then re-released in its original form via the Swiss imprint Hallow Ground as a limited to 100 copies vinyl edition in 2015 it is now available on CD again with an additional bonus track for the 2017 audience interested in guitar-based Ambient / Post-PostRock. The title track "Japser Sits Out" spans an epic 23+ minutes in which Mr. Westberg spreads out a soft, loop-based labyrinth of intricate layers and interweaving melodic aspects to a well soothing and hypnotic effect whilst "Homeset Trunc", the second tune also included on the albums first versions has more of an intense, slightly even fever'ish and ritualistic feel as its melodic, delay-heavy layers are accompanied by a steady, machine-like rhythm evoking memories of heavy duty industrial production lines or steam-run trains later disappearing into a sonic blur whilst carefully picked guitar fragments with a balearic feel shine through meandering delays like the winter sun breaking through thick, grey snow-filled clouds.  Finally the new and previously unreleased tune named "A Particular Tuesday" is more of a calming affair recommended to those following PopAmbient acts like Klimek or the Cologne-based compilation series of the same name and therefore complements the previous original album tunes well as a sweet closing tune. If you're deep into Ambient structures, this one's for you.


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