Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jim Denley - Cut Air [Sofa Music]

This has to be a world record of some kind. After being a flute player since 1969 and at least being involved in recording music since the very early 1980s it took Jim Henley nearly five decades to come up with his first ever solo recording album on flute, "Cut Air", which has been put on the circuit via the Norwegian Sofa Music imprint in late April 2k17. Drawing inspiration from various flute techniques common in Europe, Asia and all over the world as well as the work of Celina Rokona on a flute / percussion instrument named sukute to whom he dedicates the second half of this album he lays down two captivating meditations on his prepared bass flute of a little less than 20 minutes length each, providing a naturalistic, yet minimalist tension that includes both droney as well as ritualistic moments, seemingly accompanied by free improvisations in which the artist drifts away in a flute-induced trance, closely bonding with his instrument, coming back to find peace in more intimate parts to just incorporate sequences of experimental flute (ab)use shortly thereafter. A truly unusual album this that will make up for a great addition to a lot of already advanced music collections for sure.  

Album artwork on Instagram!


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