Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Janek Schaefer - Glitter In My Tears [Room 40 Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 2nd, 2k17 via the Australian Room40 imprint is Janek Schaefer's new album "Glitter In My Tears" which btw is the thirtieth longplayer in his twenty year spanning career as recording artist. On this album, to which half of the accompanying release information got lost somehow in between our massive piles of an archive, he caters a vast array of 26 oftentime very short tracks and sketches within a total playtime of 58 minutes, relying on found sounds as a basic source of operation and transferring, morphing and processing these until they become rich, slowly floating streams of sad, melancholic Ambient like the opening tune "Sparkles Into The Light Of Night", tender and score'esque swells of soft pads resembling (Neo)Classical beauty like "If Only" or "Lagoon" or even piano-based miniatures like in "Looking For Love". With "Low Points" Janek Schaefer caters some droney klaxon'esque variations in brooding, cinematic Dark Ambient, "Coming To" evokes memories of Kostnice's "Finsterfelden" album for a reason and so does "Reflection Waves" whilst "Dawn Draws" draws inspiration from once again highly melancholia-induced Future Jazz / Jazz Noir and "Missing Moment" comes out as a crackly, repetetive study in looped Ambient minimalism. Furthermore bits like "Hells Bells" could be taken from the underlying score of a horror flic, "Forgetting The Way Forward" takes a dubbed out, warped step back to the Ragtime of the 30s and 40s whilst the "Tale Of Two Angels" fuse melodies, electrostatic buzz, field recorded-voices as well as unidentifiable weeps to a tense, spine-tingling effect. But these are only a few examples of an extremely varied body of work that requires repeated and focused listening sessions to embrace it in all its detail and beauty.


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