Sunday, April 30, 2017

Philippe Lauzier - A Pond In My Living Room [Sofa Music]

Released in early April, 2k17 via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music is "A Pond In My Living Room", the newest body of work created by the Montreal-based sound artist / composer Philippe Lauzier in which he uses multiple, oftentimes reprocessed bass clarinet recordings to create a four tracks exploration of deep, experimental music. The 15 minutes opening tune "Bleu Penombre" starts out with a slightly distorted hiss only to evolve and branch out into rich fields of slowly meandering Ambient created from obviously pitched down clarinet tones to an autumnal, inward looking effect whilst "Water Sprinkling" caters more of an Oval'esque approach towards Ambient vs. Clicks'n'Cuts if one takes into account Markus Popp's work in albums like "Systemisch" etc. . "On The Window Side" we see more of a contemplative, slightly even ritualistic vibe going on based on a single, ever repeating percussive sound, mesmerizingly interwoven harmonies and eerie noises resembling steam releasing valves before "Napping In A Neglected Garden" induces a psychedelic and dreamlike state due to its hypnotic, microchanging nature and blurred out arrangement of overtones. Lovely!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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