Monday, August 14, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Flexi Terror 3 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

The musical madman known as Dr. NoiseM is coming up with a new conceptual series these days named "Flexi Terror", putting out a bunch of releases which are each limited to an edition of exactly 1 copy worldwide incorporating two original one-sided flexi discs featuring German Schlager / Pop songs from the kitsch-dripping late 50s /  early 60s era and a CDr with HarshNoize remixes of each tune. The originals we're dealing with here are "Kalkutta Liegt Am Ganges" by Manfred Moll mit Begleitorchester, a highly innocent love song of the time as well as "La Guitarra Brasiliana" by Luiz Busch mit Orchester, both released via the Erich Pabel-Verlag in Germany. Treated by Dr. NoiseM remixwise we see "Kalkutta Liegt Am Ganges (Flexi-Terror-Mix)" being extended to a total length of 33 minutes, catering a massive, slow moving maelstrom of deadly and cold sonic mass, harsh frequency terror and an eerie, fear-inducing presence of ghostly background voices from another dimension able to induce paranoia in not only the weak-heartened whilst "La Guitarra Brasiliana (Flexi-Terror-Mix)" gets even more intense in terms of catering of ear-piercing, mid-frequency feedbacks and pitch changes which add up to a violent, yet hypnotic and even soothing stream of Noize for those whose sense of relaxation is slightly differing from what other people associate with this term. Amazing stuff.


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