Monday, September 11, 2017

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 057]

Another fresh one coming from the ever busy Sascha Müller is his latest eleven track album on his very own imprint named Supersix Records Extra which brings more electronic goodness for peak time dancefloors. The opening tune "The Piano Player" fuses a deep, lovely and uplifting piano motif with rolling, masterly crafted basslines and a stripped down Trance vibe, "Toxic Action" stampedes with a brutal HardTechno attitude and Tribal influences, "Triple A" gets into astoundingly groove-oriented oldskool House territories, presenting raw Latin-loops and classy pads before the "Voltmeter" explores minimalistic, yet grinding and kinda off-rhythm Techno with a quite mechanical attitude. Experiencing a "Wiedergeburt" - 'rebirth' in English - is like a lively, positive trip into a technoid, Acid-infused la-la-land bordering on what once was called Intelligent Techno whilst coming "Down To Earth" is more of a spiralling DarkTrance journey with a well psychedelic twist and beautiful string layers, "Hurra Die Katz Ist Tot" presents quite a bit of dark humour titlewise as well as a hefty portion of fast-paced TribalTechno sporting intense bleep modulations for concrete underground clubs before "Sternenschweif" brings back storming, yet stripped down AcidTrance for illegal, large scale warehouse raves. Next up we're entering the "Astral Zone", a zone in which stomping HardHouse and Techno mix and mangle to create a new musical breed, the "Acid Sky" is a kaleidoscopic, well repetetive and reverb-heavy Acid affair and the final cut  "Action Response" weighs in more classic, functional ClubTechno for tool-loving DJ's out there. Quality.


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