Monday, September 04, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 23 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Put on the circuit by the ever active, never sleeping Noize-producer Dr. NoiseM is "Studio Works 23", the - guess what -  twentythird full on album release in this ongoing series, catering a thirteen tracks load of new and previously unreleased tracks from his archive. Opening with "Liberation" we're taken by surprise as we're entering a Deep Listening-oriented sonic realm that's even about to please die-hard Ambient headz due to its calm and steady flow before "Melting XMA" combines static Noize pulses with electric buzzes and even melodic variations that end up in chattering chaos and randomly cut interferences. "Narcotic Species" comes across as a dark, ever moving science fiction void of a well threatening nature, "No No" weighs in heavy distortions and squealing HarshNoize brutalism with bleepy influences and alien background sequences of possibly modular nature, "Noise Noise" picks up on storming bass distortions and an overall feel of eerieness whereas "Now And Then" goes deep into Cold / Death Ambient series whilst presenting another take on shifting respiratory sounds we've seen Dr. NoiseM use a lot in his series 'The CDr A-B-C', this time combining those trademark sounds with carefully crafted, floating Ambient structures. The "Robot Poetry" is an abstract take on speech program abuse, "Schizofrenia" presents 47 seconds of violent Gabba / Hardcore before we enter a brutal HarshNoize slaughterhouse named "Schlachthaus" - the German translation of the term -, grinding our brain cells to bits and pieces. Furthermore "Shit Happenz" relies on decent Ambient floatations paired with raw, distorted sub-frequencies of a quite storming, overwhelming nature, "Spacepost" amalgamates echoes of outer space Electronica with sparse, spaced out modulations of modular origin to a score'esque sci-fi result, "Street Wind" caters eerie, twisted Spoken Word poetry from the realms of the dead and the concluding cut named "Rings Of Uranus" serves a menu of dark'ish, yet beautiful Deep Listening Music for those who know. Good stuff!


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