Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Zeitkratzer & Elliot Sharp - Oneirika (Live At Berghain Berlin) [Zeitkratzer Productions]

Released in mid-June via their very own label Zeitkratzer Productions is Zeitkratzer's live interpretation of Elliott Sharp's composition "Oneirika" which was performed and premiered as a commissioned work for the Maerzmusik Festival 2014 at Berlin's legendary electronic music venue Berghain. As a composition inspired by the works of John Cage and based on Elliott Sharp's unique approach of refiltering and processing his self-generated musical manuscripts through Photoshop techniques the piece is played within one lengthy 47:43 minutes session but split into ten different sections which are, as far as pigeonholing into genres makes any sense in terms of modern contemporary music, influenced by the farmost leftfield and experimental realms of FreeJazz, quiet, score'esque passages contrasted by thundering brass and percussions, lovely melodic aspects going down into upright mayhem and highly dramatic chaos and many more, presenting eerie calmness - especially in the spine-tingling four minutes of section five -, intense, brooding precipitance and even parts reminiscent of (Neo)Classical sheet music like in section eight. Demanding, unique, complex - and defo another one perfectly fitting in the Zeitkratzer back catalogue.

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