Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Arketi-Ray - From Ever Since [Jahmoni Music]

Put on the circuit via Munich's great Jahmoni Music-imprint only recently is "From Ever Since", the first ever album release by Arketi-Ray, a fascinating band / project outfit aiming to perfectly amalgamate influences taken from Dub and Jazz within this seven track mini album. Opening up with a killer DubJazz cut named "Time Is Now" clearly inspired by FutureJazz-melancholia Arketi-Ray pave the way for the FX heavy "Dub Is Now", bringing us a hyper seductive guitar motif and a shitload of echoes before "Sinai" gets into floating Roots / Steppa Dub and "Kali" jams slowly and bass heavy to one of the most beautiful piano lines we've ever heard of. Starting the flipside with "Under Fire" the group presents a deep, Jazz Noir-inspired take on Dub-infused downtempo swing including march-reminiscing snare drums and mysterious flute vibes which finds its continuation in the even more stripped down and dubbed out sequel "Under Rubble" whereas the final cut "Heartease" weighs in a classic Roots Dub-related intro only to introduce more of a laid back, slightly Downtempo-touching BarJazz vibe for a closing. Recommended!


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