Thursday, November 09, 2017

Fixxxer Acid - Acid Fractal [Psychocandies 059]

Recently released via Psychocandies in late October, 2k17 is "Acid Fractal", the first full on album by the labels new signing named Fixxxer Acid who presents a fresh take on the imprints mostly Acid focused vision. The opener "Acid Wijf" amalgamates raw, untamed drum works with a spiralling, jumpy AcidTrance feel, "Acid Circulation" presents a well mysterious, ethereal take on AcidCore for fairy dust covered raves in enchanted woods, "FLAcid p4" weighs in more overly compressed drums and nerve-wrecking PsychoAcid whereas "Acid Crank" re-introduces sawtooth signals and twisted synth bleeps to todays young raving crew. Following up is "Acid Crank A3", another hard, trippin' AcidRave excess catering multi-layered synth lines and heavily reverberating drums somehow reminding us of the works of 90s Rave acts like RMB in terms of sound, "Acid Fusion" represents more of a fast pace TribeTekno attitude whilst the "Acid Virus" turns out to be a short, slow and heavily compressed showcase snippet of how much damage can be done on the dancefloor with just a drum machine and a 303, "Acidbom" is nothing short of a proper high-octane Rave anthem, "Acidcore To Hardcore" follows exactly the path announced by its title in a well complex, spiralling manner whereas "Acidpath 3" is more on an eerie, haunted Dark Rave / Hardcore tip whilst "Acidpath 4" is more of a rhythmically adventurous trip into experimental Acid realms. Towards the end we see "Baccid" causing massive havoc on Hardcore-related floors and the final "Highway To Acid" is more like a highway to wildstyle and destruction in terms of HardAcid chaos for sure. Good stuff!


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