Thursday, November 02, 2017

Nicola Ratti - The Collection [Room 40 Promo]

Released on October 6th, 2k17 via Room40 is Nicola Ratti's most recent album "The Collection", a fourtyfour minutes and nine tracks journey that doesn't follow a set preconception but represents the results of the artists experimentation over a certain, well stretched out period of time - the only framework given for what is "The Collection". The opening tune "L2" combines an overall droning atmosphere with a scientific, yet uplifting Electronica rhythm foundation that is able to make single cell structures and non carbon based lifeforms dance and wiggle in faraway parts of our universe, "L6" comes with a slightly darker, yet similarily precise approach and "r402" seems to fuse a minimalism defined by the Clicks'n'Cuts genre with the warm, dubby feel of Pole and / or works released by the former Berlin-based label Digital Kranky to a comforting and defo well calming effect, even when the tune shifts towards a livelier edge throughout its course. Going into "L4" we're entering realms influenced by stripped down Electronica Dub performed in endless voids, "L1" takes us into sonic spheres of experimental, fast paced Dub- and BrokenTechno whilst "r40" represents Nicola Ratti's take on Ambient / Deep Listening, a hypnotic, repetetive approach sporting slow sub movements and the sounds of alien swamps. Furthermore "L8"  caters a more releaxed, laid back and kinda tropical Electronica vision, "r401" takes us back to the lost void and its endless, ever branching cavities and the final cut "L7" combines deep sea radar echoes with tender signals from a distant, seemingly reprocessed piano to a beautiful, relaxing Ambient effect for a sweet closing. Lovely.


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