Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nils Økland Band - Lysning [Hubro Music]

Incoming via Hubro Music only recently and already announced on these pages via the posting of its opening tune "Drøm" earlier this month is "Lysning", the second ever full length album created by the Nils Økland-led Nils Økland Band who is setting out to focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the beautiful sound of the Norwegian instrument that is widely known as hardanger fiddle, played in combination with various other string instruments, double bass, harmonium, electric guitar and many more, creating a beautiful, multilayered and often Ambient referencing atmosphere of purely non-electronic origin that, due to its floating and seamless nature, seems like it'd been crafted and created digitally, weighing in its calming and naturalistic, folk'ish strengths as well as a slightly dancy, medieval touch in the remarkable "Flukt" which is one of the most captivating standout tunes on this album whereas "Skygger" caters rural melancholia and a proper amount of ancient weltschmerz which also is to be found in the beautiful slow dance that is "Skumring" whilst the nearly eight minutes spanning "Speiling" unveils the musical abilities and dynamic range of the five piece band piece to the fullest before the intense "Bølge" seems like a tense prequel to and call for a nordic sword battle to be fought in the nearby future. A stunning musical experience that's also highly recommended for collectors of scores and soundtracks for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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