Saturday, December 23, 2017

O3 - Trashumancia [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian staple Sofa Music in late October, 2k17 is "Trashumancia", the second ever album by O3, a group comprised of Ingar Zach, Alessandra Rombola and Esteban Algora which are making a return to the longplay circuit after ten long years with this 48 minutes piece which has been as well recorded in the Spanish town of Uruena where the group recorded their acclaimed debut. Starting with "Amaneceres" the group enters a world of very stripped down Minimal Music which goes way beyond the borders of pure Ambient, only delivering an arrangement of assorted single sonic events seemingly following a strict compositional idea and line before "Tras Un Sol Violento" serves a deep, breathtaking take on Drone and Dark Ambient music accompanied by percussive crescendoes as well guttural grunts from hell and "Caminar, Caminar, Caminando" combines Field Recordings and an ebb and flow of altered accordion sounds with brittle electronics to a very intense, yet also melancholia-infusing, inward-looking effect. Furthermore "Arroyuelos" tells tales of buzzing alienation and perfect isolation in deserted ghost towns, "Naturaleza Inerta" takes ultraminimalistic Ambient to the next level and serves nothing but a haunting, slowly pulsating atmosphere whereas "Lobizniega" brings on a darker, more threatening vibe with heavy percussions, pounding background drums and the scraping sounds of cutlery on ceramics as well as off kilter vintage synths, all falling together in a very abstract, yet Industrial-resembling manner before the final cut "Al Caer La Noche" provides a more naturalistic feel with dreamlike flutes and an overall atmosphere taken from a fairytale. Outstandingly good, this.

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