Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Gregg Kowalsky - L'Orange L'Orange [Mexican Summer]

Released via Mexican Summer in mid-November, 2k17 is "L'Orange L'Orange", the first full on solo album created by the American composer Gregg Kowalsky in about eight years. With the Ambient and (Neo)Cosmic-resembling opener "L'Ambience L'Orange" which has already been featured on these pages Kowalsky leads us into a sonic world he describes as his most uplifting and blissful work up to this very date, a carefully crafted ode to the orange sun shining brightly over states like Florida or the city of Los Angeles to which the artist relocated a while ago. Perfectly matching the warm, organic tone of the albums artwork tracks like "Tuned To Monochrome" with its playful yet beatlessly floating rhythm signatures resemble the lazy, time-perception bending feel of hot summer afternoons under a bright blue sky and a burning sun, the "Tonal Bath For Bubbles" weighs in a slightly improvised Ambient feel whilst being transmitted to this world from another dimension and "Pattern Haze" combines deep, static Ambient with a decent, yet present foundation of Clicks'n'Cuts before the "Ritual Del Croix" provides more of a misty overall vibe incorporating all sorts of fascinating noises from afar whereas the final cut "Blind Contour Drawing For Piano" takes a different turn and combines the warm orange feel of this theme-based album with beautiful Piano Ambient improvisations. Defo one for die-heart fans of the genre... and classy lounge music for your favorite high end cafe.

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