Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 061]

Fresh on Sascha Müller's very own Super Six Records Extra-label is the imprints 61st instalment, a new untitled twelve track album opening with "Solid", a sweet, friendly and playful piece of spiralling ElectroPhonk from outer space whereas the follow-up "System 100 Part 02" picks up some irregular transmissions from unknown origins, "The Move" gets things moving with a proper ClubTechno approach and swinging shakers, "Traumwaschgang" presents an Adolf Noise-reminiscing journey into TripHop and kitsch-dripping organic sounds whilst abusing jazzy ChillOut vibes and some tongue-in-cheek German samples and "Turbulance (Electro-Mix)" takes us back to Sascha Müller's High-Head Records days, reviving one of his hit tunes from back in 2002. With "Waldläufer" we're entering a sonic realm drawing influences from the retrofuturistic space age with multi-layered, psychedelic echo/synth sequences, sirens and irregular claps depicting a full on acid trip steering towards and intense climax, the "E-Connection" deals with some modest Acid modulations and a stripped down, yet pumping Intelligent Techno feel over the course of approx. 5 minutes, "System 100 Part 03" explores sparse Dark Ambient / Death Ambient territories and "Untitled" embarks on a beautiful vintage SynthAmbient journey towards a neon-lit city built on retrofuturism and melancholia. Furthermore the "CompuRhythm" brings on haunting Future Tribal for robotic raves, studying the "Deep Field" unveils static crackles and cosmic signals from a world far far away whilst the concluding cut "Manager" gets knee-deep into raw, minimalistic Detroit Techno for a maximum dancefloor hype. A collection of tunes a little different from Sascha Müller's usual, more dancefloor-focused output but therefore thrilling and refreshing for a reason.


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