Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pauline Anna Strom - Trans-Millenia Music [RVNG Intl. Promo ]

Relatively fresh on the circuit is "Trans-Millenia Music", a compilation album released via the great RVNG Intl. imprint which focuses on the works of the electronic music / synth pioneer Pauline Anna Strom who recorded and composed the tracks to be found on this album in the time from 1982 to 1988. Published originally on three full length vinyl albums and four cassettes self-released by Pauline Strom this album, which was first announced on these pages in late October, caters the first official overview on the artists work, a 13 track selection starting with "Freedom At The 45th Floor" which is a floating, organic precursor to all Ambient music whereas the slightly New Age-influenced "Virgin Ice" could've been making its way into the catalogue of Berlin's legendary Inter-ference Records throughout the first half of the 90s. With "In Flight Suspension" the Bay Area-based artist dives deep into spiralling Synth purism, "Bonsai Terrace" - hence the name? - brings a solemn, slightly Japanese overall feel to the table, "Energies" is a well-tripping, spaced out affair for advanced extraterrestrial dancefloors and whilst being on a "Mushroom Trip" we're encountering outer-dimensional entities, heavenly strings and space-time-altering sound warps, all leading towards a strange, yet captivating dancefloor smash. Furthermore "Cruising Altitude 36,000 Feet" is more of an experimental, subaquatic effort from which a beauteous, yet repetetive melody emerges, the "Spatial Spectre" provides a feel of eternal, danger-heralding twilight, a tune as a perfect match to function as an epic soundtrack to ancient battles and gruesome bloodshed, "Warriors Of The Sun" provides more of a rural, naturalistic, yet not tension-free feel and the crystalline "Rain On Ancient Quays" trickles down tenderly on a beautiful late summer afternoon. Experiencing the "Morning Splendor" we're exposed to frolicking fountains of vary-speed Synth goodness of a unique kind which might've drawn some influences from Classical music when created, "The Unveiling" presents more of a light-hearted, vernal and romantic attitude incorporating free floating piano melodies alongside carefully layered strings and synth pads before the final cut named "Gossamer Silk" offers a vibrant etude to all piano lovers out there. What a great flashback into the early days of electronic music production!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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