Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cut Worms - Cable Mounds [Opa Loka Records]

Richard Van Kruysdijk is back on Opa Loka Records. Based on a circuit-bent Omnichord, a monophonic synth and some guitar works we see the Dutch artist provide an array of seven tracks on "Cable Mounds", his sophomore album released under the artistic moniker Cut Worms. Opening with the 15 minutes effort "Witch Brogues" Cut Worms delivers a perfect introduction to the albums musical pathways which are, for a full hour that is, meandering in between surprisingly warm and welcoming Dark Ambient, time-bending Deep Listening Music, beautifully floating organic Ambient structures as to be found in "Iron Dingbat" and all embracing vintage synth drones accompanied by carefully arranged pads as presented in "Ape Digger". With "Frog Skirt" we're entering more solemn, inward looking territories, the "Parasite Lug" presents quite a cold, futuristic and sci-fi friendly approach with its warped subfrequencies, atmospheric clicks and mechanical movements reminiscent of giant machines whereas "Acute Beater" follows a similar direction whilst providing an even darker, colder and defo more threatening feel of total fear and alienation before the final cut "Senor Tofu" caters beauteous, heart-warming vintage chord movements and hints of Post-PostRock for a lovely conclusion of a highly recommended longplay piece.

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