Thursday, February 08, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2018

01. Hi5Ghost - No Sleep [Hotline Recordings]
Albeit being a follower and fan of Grime from day dot there's hardly any riddim instrumentals on the vinyl circuit that have been grabbing my attention throughout the past few years as the genre has obviously shifted towards a more polished, less grimey way of production. With "No Sleep" we see Hi5Ghost bringing back the gritty feel, the imminent darkness and the crimescene vibe I loved about the genre from early on whilst Peder Mannerfelt's rework on the flip effortlessly transfers this atmosphere into a thrilling Broken Techno-context to smash the worlds underground floors to bits within second. Highly recommended!

02. Mike Dunn - My House From All Angles [Moreaboutmusic]
One of the House music greats is back to deliver, and he delivers with a boom. On the circuit for about 30 years now there's no doubt that Mike Dunn surely knows his "...House From All Angles" and his recent eleven track longplay production lives up to this title for sure. From raw, trackstyle pieces to dark, jacking Chicago House, hypnotic Acid bits and the occasional uplifting Vocal House anthem this one is top notch and defo a timeless and worthwhile addition to every collection as well as an essential center piece for many many DJ-sets of an everlasting, soon to come future. Classic!

03. Hardrive - Deep Inside [Strictly Rhythm]
These days are great days for all those loving their classic House Music to the max and therefore this repress of Hardrive's seminal 1993 anthem is a must have addition for anyone's collection. Uplifting, soulful, ecstatic and still great after all these years!

04. Goldie & Skepta - Upstart (Roadtrip) [Metalheadz]
Leaving alone the fact that the seminal Drum'n'Bass-imprint has been providing quite a chaotic string of catalogue numbers and sub-series throughout the past years, including this 12", we're provided with quite an usual collaboration / crossover with the Boy Better Know camp here. Goldie & Skepta's conjunctional effort "Upstart (Roadtrip)" is neither Drum'n'Bass nor Grime but might sit well amongst many BigBeat-classics tempo- and vibewise whilst "Poisonous Darts" crafted by Goldie & Fraims with the legend that is DRS on vocal duties evokes a feel of imminent danger and adds a complex, yet sparse beat programming to eclectic, advanced 140 sets.

05. Acid Jesus - Flashbacks 1992 - 1998 [Alter Ego Recordings 030]
We're suckers for electronic music history and therefore this massive triple pack including the complete anthology of Roman Flügel and Jörg Elling Wuttke's discography and all their complete output under their legendary Acid Jesus nom de guerre is a must. 16 tracks of complex, stripped down, masterly crafted and captivating Techno with hints of Acid and the upcoming Minimal Techno movement, bits of Electro and influences from the UK scene - all to be found on a triple vinyl pack. Tracks to check: "Move My Body", "Fairchild", the hyperseductive anthem named "Jesus", the bubbly, yet deep uptempo banger that is "Odyssey" as well as the mind-bending HypnoAcid stomp named "Gamma Ray" and the uplifting, happy tune which is the "Black Knight".

06. Dr. NoiseM - Black Noise 02 (Suicide) [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See review for details...

07. Pauline Anna Strom - Trans-Millenia Music [RVNG Intl.]
See review for details...

08. Various Artists - Children Of Harsh [Gerpfast Raw Tape Division]
See review for details...

09. Doms & Deykers - Dedicated To Those Who Feel [3024]
Quite a surprise, this one. Somehow I missed out on this 12" collaboration by Doms & Deykers, also known as Steffi and Martyn to followers of contemporary Techno and bass music, which was originally released back in 2k16. Together they're about to rock all Future Garage floors with the anthemic, catchy A-side track "It's You That I See" whilst the B1 tune "Bafff" is taking us back to the glorious days of ProtoTrance when tunes like "Stella" ruled each and every dancefloor around. Epic!

10. Freddy Fresh - Comacid EP [Forced Nostalgia]
Another flashback to the 90s, this is. Featuring four mid-90s tracks from Freddy Fresh's massive back catalogue we see the Belgium-based imprint Forced Nostalgia cater a nice menu of spiralling underground Techno, Acid and bits of deep Electro from the vaults of the Minneapolis' legend. A great trip, this is!  


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