Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 062]

Put on the circuit via Super Six Records only recently is Sascha Müller's latest ten track album, starting with "Bass Fetisch", a harsh Broken Techno / Electro hybrid kinda reminiscent of old Lassigue Bendthaus productions which is followed by "Untitled", a solemn, slightly distorted organ-emulating piece whereas the "Midnight Express" provides deep, spiralling Space Night Electro for well phonky nights on the dancefloor. Furthermore "Feed Jack" is, as one might guess from its title, a raw and swinging tribute to Chicago House, "Stuck Into Electronic" fuses harsh Electro and playful 8bit aesthetics, "Re-Feed Jack" introduces a little darker approach towards Chitown and "Funktionales Karma 1" presents hyper-reduced Electronica with an electroid twist for advanced future dancefloors. With "Metropolis Landing" we see Sascha Müller explore a dark, subsurface realm of threatening bassline modulations, seemingly a way of communication for humungous underground lifeforms that secretly survived a cataclysmic, far distant past whilst "The Cube 2" fuses soft trancey pads, warped and filtered pianos with an electroid take on Intelligent Techno to a great effect and the concluding "Braindamage" caters a good portion of spiralling, psychedelic and nerve wrecking AcidTrance for the darker hours of the night. Check.


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