Monday, February 19, 2018

The International Nothing - In Doubt We Trust [Ftarri]

The Berlin-based psycho acoustic clarinet duo that is The International Nothing, still consisting of its founding members Michale Thieke and Kai Fagaschinski, is back with a new album on the Ftarri-imprint which has been their home from early on. Consisting of one monolithic track of approx. 38 minutes length "In Doubt We Trust" caters an absolutely fascinating interplay of the two musicians creating an a timeless, slowly moving outerdimensional stream of sonic events that lets one easily forget about its origin, about being created by real instruments, only by its calm, ever flowing nature alone, its deep, agravic and subaquatic feel that sees The International Nothing carving out a very own and unique niche within the realm of intense Ambient and Deep Listening Music for sure. Absolutely stunning and truly time dissolving for a reason.


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