Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nakama - Worst Generation [Nakama Records 013]

Incoming via the Norwegian label Nakama Records is "Worst Generation", the latest - and November 2k17-released album created by the five piece Improv super group Nakama, consisting of Agnes Hvizdalek, Adrian Løseth Waade, Ayumi Tanaka, Andreas Wildhagen and Christian Meaas Svendsen. Based on the idea of Socrates' complaints about the younger generation in ancient Greece the group dedicates this fully improvised album to the five historically distinguishable generations alive today, starting with the "Lucky Few" defined by eerie atmospheres, ghostly non-vocalisms and  carefully plucked violin strings alongside rattling percussion sequences whereas the "Baby Boomers" are starting on a minimalist level, work their way up to a short, dark'ish and intense climax before the "Gen X" seems to be a way more buzzing, hectic and hyperactive generation according to their partly FreeJazz-like interpretation. Dealing with the so-called "Millenials" the group that is Nakama serves improvisational works on a deeper, slightly more relaxed tip before ending up in chaotic mayhem whilst the "Plurals" mix multilayered improv percussions with warped bass tones, alienated pianos  and plucked strings to a soothing, yet unsettling effect.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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