Friday, March 09, 2018

Aiden Baker & Gareth Davis - Invisible Cities [Karlrecords 045 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Karlrecords on January 19th, 2k18 is "Invisible Cities", the first ever collaboration album crafted by Aidan Baker and bass clarinetist Gareth Davis. Together the pair creates a selection of four tracks spanning entire 46 minutes, opening with "Memory", a deep and beautiful take on cinematic Ambient with a melancholia-infusing touch of Jazz Noir for collectors of scores and deep thinkers whilst the follow up that is "Sky" stays close to this musical vision whilst implementing a thrilling electrical buzz and more of a nightly feel to its overall vibe. With "Signs" the duo brings on an intro sequence of Field Recordings probably captured on a summerly street scene, paired with slowly emerging synth fountains and a warm, all embracing overall atmosphere whereas the concluding  "Desire" is a fragile and tender 15+ minutes lesson in sheer, untouched Ambient beauty for true genre connaisseurs. Lovely.


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