Wednesday, March 07, 2018

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Psalm Tree [Jahmoni Music]

Coming in straight from the offices the Munich-based imprint Jahmoni Music is DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess's third musical outing on the label which is her "Psalm Tree" EP, a four tracker that turns out to be her most elaborate production effort so far. Opening with "To Evacuate Is Difficult And Infrequent" we see the Dutch artist fusing her unique Future Tribal approach with heavy Rhythm Industrial-influences, obscure vocal utterings and samples seemingly taken from news reports whilst "To Reveal The Secret" is based on a mechanical rhythmic pattern reminiscent to a train rattling on tracks once again garnished with repetetive sample arrangements, probably originating from the American south. On the flip "Walking Around Aimlessly" brings on beats in reverse and innocent background whistling, an amalgamation which surely has an interesting effect on someones sonic perception before the final cut "To Sing Along" provides a unique and surely different take on highspeed IDM / Drill'n'Bass for advanced, yet playful dancefloors on overdrive. Good stuff.


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