Sunday, February 25, 2018

Elio Martusciello - Incise [EM Music 001]

To be released as the first ever album outing on the new EM Music label is "Incise", the newest longplay release by Italian composer Elo Martusciello who conducts quite an experiment with this fifteen track spanning piece which is fusing Ambient, Deep Listening Music, Glitch and cinematic Electronica with electro-acoustic composition techniques and dramatic, Leftfield- and AvantgardePop vocal performances by Barbara De Dominicis, Nicoletta Batteli, Raffaella Iaccarino, Erica Sheri and another anonymous voice to an interesting, partly film noir'esque as well as dramatic effect. With all vocals being sung freely without having the singers adapt to any pre-composed structures or notation we see Elio Martusciello's arrangements and musical works walking the thin line between being collage'esque in terms of re-arranging and fusing the singers vocals with re-used, re-shaped bits of previously composed pieces as well as random newness and a focus of creating new melodic aspects by resculpting the voices. The result is defo a demanding, not easily consumed take on Avantgarde Pop for deep listeners, going well along a good portion of autumnal melancholia, late at night and accompanied by a bottle of port. Or two, maybe. If this sounds appealing to you, check this one out.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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